Computer Technology Center

U.S. Department of Education Grant to provide technology access and education programs to residents in disenfranchised communities.

M.A.L.L.S. Initiative

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, M.A.L.L.S. (Multidisciplinary Academic Learning Lounges) are interdisciplinary co-curricular spaces to maximize engagement between and among students and faculty to enrich and expand learning.

Entrepreneurship Education

Programs designed for youth and adult early stage entrepreneurs including training, funding and follow-up support and coaching.  

Workforce Education/Economic Development

Programs aimed at providing training, coaching and support for non-traditional audiences to gain the skills and credentials to be competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

Florida Children's Zone

Statewide legislation created to finance and provide governance for a community-wide effort to improve outcomes for children and families in disenfranchised communities.

Faith-Based Initiatives

Providing customized, individualized and culturally competent pathways to higher education for church congregations.